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QR Codes

QR codes are the quickest way to prove a link to special services or information on your website or social media.

Q. What the heck is a QR code?
A. They are the checker board looking square you see in advertisements. By using a mobile device app, you can hover your mobile device over the QR code box and it will redirect you to a specific web page on the internet for additional information such as the images to the right. The code box leads the user to a sign up page for Powder Magazine. The link also helps the merchant to identify form what source the user found their way to that page. This information will help track which advertisements are most productive.

QR Codes are a fast way to get information to customers. The QR code allows a user to use a mobile device app to capture the code that is printed and immediately they will be redirected to a website address or social media site without the need of typing anything into a browser page.

These codes make it easy and fun for a user to quickly access your information. We handle all the details and add the code for print campaigns. For example immediately send your potential customers to your social media site, customer satisfaction survey, appointment request or refer a friend page, etc.

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QR Codes are avaliable with the Service Packages.