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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are most efficient way to understanding the quality of your service.

There are numerous reasons to survey your customers and JetCom will automate all aspects of your customer satisfaction management program. First you want to survey your customers to find out if any customer is not 100% satisfied. If you discover a dissatisfied customer, you can make attempts to turn them around. Even if you don’t completely turn them around, just by interacting with them you retain some of their loyalty. Secondly, the customer satisfaction reports help you identify sources of reoccurring satisfaction issues.

Once you have positive reviews about your location we want to help you use that valuable info and let the world know about what great service you provide. JetCom automates a process that pushes your review info to all major search engines. Next we regularly post notes to your social media accounts letting everyone know how hard you work to keep your customers happy.

The best thing about the JetCom Customer Satisfaction Survey process is that we can use up to 3 methods or any combination of those methods to invite customers to participate, phone, text and email.  The multi method customer satisfaction survey process obtains the highest participation rate. The methods and number of attempts are usually staggered by time (21 to 51 hours). The phone survey allows you to send a pre-recorded customer satisfaction survey to your customers. The customer interacts with the phone system by pressing corresponding buttons to answer questions. The email program sends a satisfaction survey invitation to each customer that has an email address but is not on your “do-not-email” or “do-not-market” list. To start using the phone satisfaction survey, simply download the SMS data transfer tool and your customer information will automatically be loaded into the system and the process will begin.

You can also add customer info by uploading an Excel file, setting up an ftp transfer or data transfer application. 


CSI Survey emails are packed with new business value.
Make the most out of every email sent.  Embedded in your emails are buttons your customers can click on to easily refer a friend, request an appointment, goto your website, join your social media sites,
and/or request a quote.


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Customer Satisfaction Surveys is avaliable with the Service Packages.