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Interactive Voice Response

Constant contact with customers is necessary to maintain quality customer service.

Maintain automated communications with a precorded message sent out to your customers such as a service reminder, an annual check up, customer satisfaction surveys or even a thank you for their loyalty. The IVR System is a great way to reach out to customers you haven't heard from in a while or to find out how they felt about the services they have recieved from you. What ever it is that you may want to express... such as;

"Hi this is Bob, form Bob's Automotive and it is time for your oil change. Please press 1 to contact us now to set up an appointment or call (123) 555-1234.

Thanks again for choosing Bob's Automotive!"

Once your recording is made either by yourself or a JetCom profesional* it can be sent out to all customers that are in need of an oil change. With the click of a button let JetCom then do all the work with it's secure data base features, now you can get back to your important work!

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* Additional fees apply for a professional recorded message.

Interactive Voice Response is included with all Service Packages.