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Mail Campaign

Mail Campaign is a great way to stay connected.

Postal Mail?

It's old, it's environmentally unconscious, it's slow and there is a low response rate but this tried and true direct marketing program still has a place in today's high tech digital world.

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What's New!

JetCom takes direct mail marketing to the next level and allows you to integrate your mail program in with your phone, email and text message programs. Imagine a world where you can deliver an important message to your customers via electronic methods and only send direct mail to customers that do not respond electronically.

JetCom's revolutionary Campaign Build allows businesses to send messages to customers via multiple electronic methods as well as good old fashioned direct mail. One of the best parts about our Campaign Builder is that as customers respond they are filtered out of subsequent contact methods. If you build a campaign and choose direct mail as the last method, you'll have successfully filtered out all your customers that respond to digital methods. Only customers that do not have email, SMS capable phones or answering machines will receive direct mail.

You'll reach all customers and minimize your carbon footprint. That's good for your business and good for the environment.

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Mail Campaign is avaliable with the Service Packages.