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Vehicle Health Monitoring

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Location, Location, Location! If you are not on the most important real estate in today’s market (your customers cell phone), it’s time to co-locate!

Offer your customers peace of mind and let them know that your shop will be monitoring the health of their vehicle.  Should any issues arise, such as a DTC code, then your shop will be notified immediately.  You can review the code and take the appropriate action with the customer.  Image calling your customer and informing them that you have noticed their car is reporting a P0141 trouble code and that may indicate that one of the oxygen sensors is malfunctioning.  You can schedule a time for them to come in and have a rental car and the O2 sensor replacement part waiting. 

It couldn't be easier! Receive an automatic stream of data from your customer's vehicle and keep on top of their maintenance needs. Login to the customer’s account on the web and watch the data stream in as your customer drives way.


The process is simple...

1. Install an OBD II Bluetooth device in your customer’s car.
2. Install the app on your customers Droid phone.
3. Connect the app to your shop.
4. Input your customers cell number into the app.
5. Bind the phone to the OBD II Bluetooth device in the customer’s.

It’s done!

Become part of this exciting program!

Your customers can also login to another website and see their vehicle's health, shop appointments, shop recomendations etc. via

Download the App FREE.


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Vehicle Health Monitoring System

  • Generic customer app
  • Custom app header
  • Low monthly fee
  • NO annual contract

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OBD II (On Board Diagnostics)


iOBD2 Bluetooth/Wifi double system work for iPhone & Android

If you use a Droid phone, you have many purchase options for OBD2 devices. The Droid will connect with most Bluetooth devices. If you use an Apple product, the Vehicle Health app will only work with the Xtool Bluetooth OBDII OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scan Tool IOBD2-MFI for iPhone iPad. We have years of experience with many OBD2 devices and we strongly recommend the Xtool device. The bottom line is it works consistently and reliably.

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Vehicle Health Monitoring is avaliable with the
Automotive Hypersonic Package.